The python frame object contains an entry in the execution stack and contains the wrapper to the code being executed and an instruction pointer. The declaration is in the file Include/frameobject.h.

typedef struct _frame {
struct _frame *f_back; /* previous frame, or NULL */
PyCodeObject *f_code; /* code segment */
PyObject *f_builtins; /* builtin symbol table (PyDictObject) */
PyObject *f_globals; /* global symbol table (PyDictObject) */
PyObject *f_locals; /* local symbol table (any mapping) */
PyObject **f_valuestack; /* points after the last local */
/* Next free slot in f_valuestack. Frame creation sets to f_valuestack.
Frame evaluation usually NULLs it, but a frame that yields sets it
to the current stack top. */
PyObject **f_stacktop;
PyObject *f_trace; /* Trace function */

/* If an exception is raised in this frame, the next three are used to
* record the exception info (if any) originally in the thread state. See
* comments before set_exc_info() — it’s not obvious.
* Invariant: if _type is NULL, then so are _value and _traceback.
* Desired invariant: all three are NULL, or all three are non-NULL. That
* one isn’t currently true, but “should be”.
PyObject *f_exc_type, *f_exc_value, *f_exc_traceback;

PyThreadState *f_tstate;
int f_lasti; /* Last instruction if called */
/* Call PyFrame_GetLineNumber() instead of reading this field
directly. As of 2.3 f_lineno is only valid when tracing is
active (i.e. when f_trace is set). At other times we use
PyCode_Addr2Line to calculate the line from the current
bytecode index. */
int f_lineno; /* Current line number */
int f_iblock; /* index in f_blockstack */
PyTryBlock f_blockstack[CO_MAXBLOCKS]; /* for try and loop blocks */
PyObject *f_localsplus[1]; /* locals+stack, dynamically sized */
} PyFrameObject;

To understand more about the frame object debug the interpreter loop to see how opcodes are fetched from the frame object and further executed.

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