The main interpreter loop is in this function and we can call this function the virtual machine of Cpython. The main loop of this program begins at line number 1057 which is a giant switch case of all opcodes of python. The opcodes are declared in the file Include/opcode.h.

Let us write a simple python program

a = 100

b = 50

print a

print b

and save it in a file

Execute the command python -m dis

The output is as follows:

1 0 LOAD_CONST 0 (100)
3 STORE_NAME 0 (a)

2 6 LOAD_CONST 1 (50)
9 STORE_NAME 1 (b)

3 12 LOAD_NAME 0 (a)

4 17 LOAD_NAME 1 (b)
22 LOAD_CONST 2 (None)

This is the textual representation of the bytecode of our program. Now here is a short video of the debugging of the interpreter code for the above bytecode.

You are now familiar with how the compiler and the interpreter of Python works congratulations.

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