In this post you will learn how to setup the environment and the project on eclipse to help debug the system.

  1. Make a folder under your home directory and name it python-source. (Example: /home/prashanth/python-source).
  2. Extract the contents of the python source code downloaded into the folder.
  3. Enter the folder in the command line.
  4. Type the command ./configure –with-pydebug to enable debugging of the source code.
  5. When the command completes without errors enter the next command make -j8. Where 8 is the number of CPU cores. This could vary on your system. Type the appropriate number.
  6. Open Eclipse and create a new C/C++ project and name it python-source.
  7. Select Import in Eclipse menu as shown in the pictures below.importimport-success.png
  8. Complete the wizard by selecting the folder from the menu and the project to import to as python-source.
  9. Select the Run Menu and then select Debug Configurations to open the debug menu as shown below.debug-menu
  10. Select the python executable as shown below.debug-success
  11. Click on the debug option and you must see  the python shell in the debug menu.debug-shell

You are ready to go.

3 thoughts on “Setting up the environment

  1. I’m getting this error while trying to configure, “An internal error occurred during: “Launching python-source Debug”.
    Can’t find resource for bundle java.util.PropertyResourceBundle, key AbstractCLaunchDelegate.Program_is_not_a_recognized_executable”.

    Can you please help on this?


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